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Mission Statement

The Mathematics Department seeks to provide an appreciation for mathematics and its applications to other disciplines, to encourage the development of higher-order thinking and problem solving skills, and to prepare students for further study and employment.   Student learning focuses on the interdependence of theory and application, and is enhanced by the appropriate use of technology. A high quality mathematics education enables all students to increase their mathematical literacy-understanding mathematical principles, cultivating mathematical ways of thinking, and developing fluency with number, symbolic representation, geometry, and data- which is essential for success in the information and technological environment of the 21st century. 
Opportunities for advanced student scholarship are provided through partnerships such as Queens College. Mathematics, as a core discipline in the arts and science is essential to many fields of study. As a result, our course offerings are important components of the THHS curriculum. Our department is active in mathematics education at the community, regional, city, and national levels by participating and providing workshops and in-service courses.   Quality teaching, research and publication of scholarly works contribute to the department's continuing goal to attain excellence in mathematics and mathematics education. Click on the link below to download a flowchart of our courses.