The Classic in the NY Times!

Earlier this spring, The Times noticed the work our editors had been doing since schools closed and asked if they could virtually tag along with our editors-in-chief during the meetings they've held since sometime in April. They wanted to see how newspapers in the city were covering the pandemic, and we were one of two school publications chosen to be spotlighted. The results were published this morning online and should appear in print tomorrow, June 27, 2020.  
This also offers me a chance to acknowledge the work of our editors and our entire staff this year. We left school on March 13 (with schools not officially closed) and that weekend the whole editorial team worked nearly every waking hour on multiple pieces about why schools were not closing. When schools were finally closed Sunday evening, the announcement referenced what would become virtual learning and the editors had to immediately switch to plan to cover that. The point is: they have not let up since then and everyone who works on The Classic deserves recognition for the work they've done. I review our online readership statistics, and I never thought we'd have more readers than in the spring semester of 2017, when frequent media attention about the principal hiring expanded our audience well beyond the norm. This semester just surpassed that record by about 1000 "clicks" (and the record will expand greatly after the Times coverage sends readers to our website). While that is not the exclusive measure of success, I think the published work of these students speaks for itself: frequent, varied, principled, and fearless. They (editors and staff) are as talented and full of heart as any group we've ever had, and I thank them for all that they've done this year.  
Mr. Sweeney