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The Languages Department offers a solid foundation for those with absolutely no prior knowledge of the language. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing are all emphasized, with class time devoted to oral expression. Students should be able to engage in everyday conversation with native speakers, and read straightforward texts, both fiction and non-fiction, with relative ease. Films, music, news media, and Internet resources offer virtual linguistic and cultural immersion, and they provide material for in-class discussions and special activities. Advanced courses are not simply informational; scholarly perspectives and assumptions are challenged.
  • Modern Languages offered are Spanish, French, and Japanese 
  • Classical Languages offered are Latin and Greek (attic) 

MODERN LANGUAGES French, Japanese, Spanish
  • 100% passing three year comprehensive Regents examination (Spanish, French, Japanese)
  • 100% passing National Latin Exam
  • 80% enrollment continuing into 4th year elective language classes.
  • Advanced Placement Classes: French Language, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Japanese Language, Latin (Vergil). 


The Classical Language program is designed to open a whole array of interests ranging from architecture to history, languages and literature. In addition, students are exposed to the rigor of logical thinking and verbal analysis.
  • All students are required to take 2 years of a Classical Language
  • More than 350 student participants in the National Latin/Greek competition.
  • More than 300 awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze) 25 perfect scores.
  • Two finalists Boston University Latin Scholarship competition.
  • Three semi-finalists New York City Greek Essay contest.
  • Compete in Harvard and Yale Certamen
  • Medusa Mythology Competition medalists
  • National Myth Competition medalists
  • Compete in Japan Bowl in Washington DC
  • Scholarship trips won to Japan 
  • Study and travel abroad activities each spring to Europe and South America
  • Trips to Spanish, French, and Japanese theatrical productions, diplomatic missions, and sites of cultural interests
  • Festival of Nations performances
  • The Queens College Connection: seniors may take courses in all modern and classical languages
  • Level IV Literature – French, Spanish, Latin