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Instructional Support Services

Townsend Harris is proud to provide an inclusive educational program for eligible students with disabilities. We offer a full ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) program for the four core classes, and embed specially designed instruction into our curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Highly motivated students who require accommodations, related services, special classroom supports or assistive technology, and have unique management needs as outlined in their IEP, can apply to the school and receive individualized care from our team of Instructional Support Specialists.  These supports are provided in our rigorous general education classes, all of which are Honors or AP level.  Students participate in all school activities.

Students who are interested in a challenging program of study including honors and advanced placement courses, and require IEP supports, will find that Townsend Harris HS offers the best of both worlds.  Our team will work closely with parents throughout the child’s time at Townsend Harris to ensure their needs are being met and that they are on track to successfully graduate high school and attend competitive colleges.

Offerings: ICT, SETSS, Advisory, Related Services, Assistive Technology. Wheelchair accessible.

We pride ourselves on never running out of ideas for how to support your child.