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Library Code of Conduct

The library is a place for all of the Townsend Harris High School community. We ask that you follow the following Code of Conduct to ensure that everyone may accomplish their tasks.
Library Code of Conduct

1. Please enter the library quietly.
2. Remember others are working, keep your voices down.
3. Please no eating or drinking in the library.
4. Books must be checked out before leaving the library. Most items can be borrowed for two weeks and renewed if more time is needed.
5. Computers are for school work; sign up at the circulation desk. If there is a wait list there will be time limits imposed.
6. You may use your cell phone in the library for school work. You can listen to music or audio materials ONLY if you have earbuds.
7. Please do not move the furniture.
8. If you have your own electronic device please do not sit in the computer area.
9. Be respectful to staff and students.