School Policies » Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities


It is the student's right to:

  • Be offered a challenging and enriched education leading to a high school Regents-endorsed Townsend Harris diploma.

  • Study in an educational environment wherein his/her health, safety and welfare are protected.

  • Communicate with other students through a student publication for dissemination of news, ideas, and opinions.

  • Benefit from the meeting of a parent-student-faculty consultative council, which will meet monthly with the principal to discuss matters of importance to the school.

  • Annually organize a government of student representatives who will be informed about school policy and will disseminate information to the student body in a responsible manner.

  • Determine his/her own dress code within school guidelines.

  • Be informed of standards for appropriate behavior and to be treated fairly and with respect.

  • Have constitutional right of free speech


It is the student's responsibility to:

  • Adhere to all regulations pertaining to attendance and punctuality, and to be prepared to participate in all classes and activities and to achieve his/her highest academic level.

  • Abide by all school regulations, demonstrate pride in his/her surroundings and respect the property of others (both private & public.)

  • Respect the opinions and feelings of others and to avoid the use of offensive language.

  • Treat others fairly; bring concerns about policies and actions to the appropriate personnel and influence peers constructively.

  • Participate actively in the student government and show a willingness to serve and support the school.

  • Insure the mode of dress is within school guidelines and is clearly neither dangerous nor inappropriate while observing the basic standards of cleanliness and good grooming.

  • Read and abide by the school's Code of Behavior, the Citywide Code and any other documents outlining students' rights and responsibilities.

  • Recognize that freedom of speech does not constitute license to interfere with the orderly and safe operation of the school.