School Policies » Responsibilities toward Activities and Dining Hall

Responsibilities toward Activities and Dining Hall

Students' Responsibilities in the Dining Hall

  1. Students must arrive to lunch on time.

  2. Students will line up in an orderly fashion and not push ahead of each other, cut the line or allow others to while waiting for food service.

  3. Students will dispose of all their garbage before the end of the band using appropriate containers for liquid, non-liquid and recyclable refuse.

  4. Students will finish their lunch and clean their area before socializing in other parts of the dining hall including the patio area.

  5. Students will not stand/sit on tables or stand on chairs.

  6. Students will refrain from any activities that might create a dangerous situation for classmates.

  7. Students will not leave the dining hall without permission and must present appropriate identification to do so.   Students with service passes must report to their service activity before the last 20 minutes of their lunch band in order to leave the dining hall.

  8. Students will be attentive to all announcements.
  9. Students will use entrances and exits as directed.  
  10. Students will not take food or drink into patio area or play ball or hackey sack on the patio.

Responsibilities During Extracurricular Activities including
Clubs, Teams, Assemblies and Special Programs

  1. Students will remain in assigned areas during any function.

  2. Students will not attend extra-curricular activities without a faculty advisor present.

  3. Students will not leave the building without the permission of a school authority.

  4. Students must obtain permission from the advisor of an activity to bring visitors to an extra-curricular activity or event.

  5. Students will be responsible for the actions of the people they invite to any extra-curricular activity.

  6. Students will use their lockers before the start of extracurricular activities and will not be allowed to use them during or after the activity.

  7. Students must be present in school and attend all classes during the day to participate in an extracurricular activity on that day.

  8. Students will refrain from inappropriate behaviors.

Students' Responsibilities During Trips  

  1. Students will be attentive to supervisors and programs during all phases of a trip.

  2. Students will follow the explicit instructions of the supervisors on the trip and during transport.

  3. Students will stay with the school group. There is to be NO wandering.

  4. Students will display proper attitude and act as public relations representatives throughout the trip.

  5. Students will obey all regulations of the Transportation Authority.

  6. Students will respect regulations of the trip destination (e.g., theater, museum).

  7. Students will leave all facilities and transportation in good condition.