School Policies » Responsibilities Towards Classrooms and Building

Responsibilities Towards Classrooms and Building

Students' Responsibilities in the Classroom

  1. Students will refrain from eating and drinking in any area other than the dining hall.

  2. Students will be attentive to the teacher, fellow students and the class work at hand.

  3. Students will arrive promptly to class and must have permission from the teacher to leave the classroom.    
  4. Students will come to class prepared with books, pens, homework, and follow dress guidelines established for activities in Physical Education, Labs, et al.

  5. Students will raise their hands to respond or comment in class unless the teaching strategy calls for another procedure.

  6. Students will not engage in academic dishonesty.

  7. Students will safeguard school property.

  8. Students will follow all instructions given by substitute teachers and treat them in a courteous and respectful manner.

Students' Responsibilities in the Building

  1. Students will not bring cell phones, beepers or other prohibited equipment to school without authorization.

  2. Students need a pass to use the lavatory during class time and may only use designated lavatories.

  3. Students may only use lockers at the beginning of their school day, the beginning of their lunch band and the end of their school day.

  4. Students may not loiter in any part of the building or its environs (halls, stairwells, bathrooms, et al).

  5. Public telephones should be used only during the assigned lunch band.   For emergency use during undesignated times, the permission of a supervisor must be granted.

  6. Students may not litter any part of the building or its environs.

  7. Students must stay to the right in stairwells and halls.

  8. Students may not use elevators at any time without an official elevator pass or written authorization from the administration.

  9. Students will not damage or deface any school property.

  10. Students may not chew gum anywhere in the building.

  11. Students may not wear hats or outerwear anywhere in the building.

  12. Students may not remain in unsupervised areas.

  13. Students must have/wear appropriate identification at all times in the building.

  14. Students will refrain from committing acts of violence against classmates or faculty.

  15. Students are prohibited from ordering food from outside or bringing drinks in glass containers into any area of the building.

  16. Students will refrain from gambling or playing cards anywhere in the building.

  17. Students will not bring visitors to school or class unless previously approved by administration.

  18. Students must return all documents requiring parental signature by the designated date signed by the parent or guardian.

  19. Students may not eat or drink in any area of the building except the dining hall.

  20. Smoking is prohibited in the building and on school/college grounds.

  21. Students will not alter any Townsend Harris High School or Queens College issued identification card or document.

  22. Students may not talk during fire/shelter drills and must follow all drill regulations.

*Violations occurring on the college campus are subject to Townsend Harris High School and Queens College disciplinary action.