PTA Executive Board Members

The PTA Executive Board serves as the bridge between the school and parents. We are responsible for:
  • the PTA budget, events, and activities;
  • supporting the school through fundraising;
  • hosting parent/student workshops and meetings;
  • bringing in experts to discuss current topics relevant to our children's educational environment;
  • providing updates to help you navigate your years through the school;
  • making contact concerning volunteer opportunities; and
  • organizing social events for THHS families

The PTA is organized and constituted in accordance with Chancellor's Regulation A-660 (Bylaws), and the responsibilities of each PTA Executive Board member is described in the ATTACHED FILES IN THE BOTTOM.

Here are your 2023-24 PTA Executive Board Members. If you would like to contact an individual member, please send a message to [email protected].
  • Co-President: Alex Lauren
  • Co-President: Frank Merino
  • Recording Secretary: Sunita Ghanny
  • Treasurer: Donna Webster
  • Chair of Alumni Relations Committee: Tamar Khitarishvili
  • Chair of Membership and Social Media: Karen Lee
  • Co-VP of Fundraising: Andrea Parris
  • Co-VP of Fundraising: Mimi Wong
  • Co-Chair of Hospitality: Randi Romero
  • Co-Chair of Electronic Communications: Hind El Fakhar
  • Co-Chair of Electronic Communications: Meriane Kremer

Roles and responsibilities for the PTA Board:
The President (or Co-Presidents) shall preside at all meetings of the PTA and is an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee. The President (or Co-Presidents) shall provide leadership for its members. They shall take the lead in setting the meeting agenda with the input of the Board.  The President (or Co-Presidents) shall delegate responsibilities to other PTA members and shall encourage meaningful participation in all parent and school activities. The President (or Co-Presidents) shall appoint all chairpersons of standing committees with the approval of the membership. The President (or Co-Presidents), along with the Treasurer, shall be signatories on all checks. The President (or one of the Co-Presidents) will automatically serve on the School Leadership Team (SLT) or appoint a designee. The President (or one of the Co-Presidents) will serve on the Queens High School President’s Council , or appoint a designee. The President (or Co-Presidents) shall assist with the June transfer of PTA records to the incoming Executive Board.

The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings of the PTA and shall prepare minutes in time for review and adoption at the next meeting. The Recording Secretary shall sign and incorporate all amendments into the bylaws and shall ensure that signed copies of the PTA bylaws with the latest amendments are on file in the Principal’s office. The Recording Secretary shall assist with scheduling the Board pre-meetings and general meetings prior to the monthly PTA meeting with the general public.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for depositing the PTA’s money into a bank accountant and shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures. and together with the President (or one Co-President), the Treasurer will sign all checks for the withdrawal of funds authorized by the membership. He/she shall work with the Auditing Committee that is appointed by the President for the annual audit of the books of the PTA. He/she shall chair the Budget Committee and shall prepare interim and annual financial statements. He/she shall provide financial reports at all PTA meetings.

The Vice-President or Co-VPs of Fundraising shall be responsible for proposing fundraising plans to the general membership and for obtaining approval of all fundraising plans during a regularly scheduled meeting where a quorum is achieved. The VP of Fundraising or Co-VPs shall be responsible for implementing fundraising activities. The VP of Fundraising or Co-VPs shall ensure that all fundraising activities comply with the Chancellor’s A660 Regulations. The VP of Fundraising or Co-VPs shall run meetings in the absence of the Presidents (or Co-Presidents).

The Vice-President (VP) of Membership and Social Media (VP of Membership)  shall take the lead on matters related to the membership, including maintenance of a list of members who have made membership donations, as well as maintenance and upkeep of the PTA’s social media accounts, which may include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram and X). The VP of Membership shall work to increase the PTA’s  social media presence. The VP of Membership shall be responsible for marketing the PTA by generating positive attention and encouraging support for PTA goals and programs from all students, families, and staff of THHS. Duties include communication of the PTA’s current projects, successes and accomplishments, and building interest and support for the association. The Vice-President of Membership shall also assist the President (or Co-Presidents) in any matter pertaining to the PTA.

The VP of Alumni Relations shall attend all THHS Alumni Association meetings and events during the school year. The VP  shall report back to the general membership at the monthly PTA meetings and shall work to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the PTA and the THHS Alumni Association.
The VP of  Electronic Communications shall attend to all correspondence, including updating the PTA website. The VP shall post all PTA news and events on the PTA website, serve as the Webmaster, and will be responsible for maintaining the website during the school year. He or she will also administer PTA email messages and address lists. The school’s Parent Coordinator sends to parents notices of all meetings of the PTA.  (The President (or Co-Presidents) shall send a notice with an agenda to the Parent Coordinator 10 days before the General PTA meeting).

The VP of Hospitality shall provide refreshments at all general PTA meetings during the school year, if there are in-person meetings. The VP will also help coordinate in-person events, which may include staff appreciation luncheons.