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PTA Executive Board Members

The PTA Executive Board serves as the bridge between the school and parents. We are responsible for:
  • the PTA budget, events, and activities;
  • supporting the school through fundraising;
  • hosting parent/student workshops and meetings;
  • bringing in experts to discuss current topics relevant to our children's educational environment;
  • providing updates to help you navigate your years through the school;
  • making contract concerning volunteer opportunities; and
  • organizing social events for THHS families

The PTA is organized and constituted in accordance with Chancellor's Regulation A-660 (Bylaws), and the responsibilities of each PTA Executive Board member is described in the attached files at the bottom

Here are your 2019-20 PTA Executive Board Members.

Co-President: Nan Ng

Co-President: Bill Rettig
Recording Secretary: Cherryl Jimenez
Treasurer: Donna Monaco
Co-VP of Fundraising: Misa Sawada 
Co-VP of Fundraising: Anna Tsang 
Chair of Hospitality: Shaunda Anderson 
Alumni Relations: Irina Kimyagar 
Co-VP of Electronic Communications: Susan Gardner 
Co-VP of Electronic Communications: Michael Rhee